Investing in a massage is an investment in your health.


Offering a variety of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular,  Myofacial, Hot stone, Lymphatic, Sports (for athletes), Reflexology, and Prenatal Massage.

60 minute massage - $70                                       

90 minute massage - $90


Monthly Deals

Memberships can be used any time of the month as long as you use your massage within the 1-4 week period. You can also come in more than once per month, there will be discounted massages if you choose to do so.

60 minute sessions monthly - $60

90 minute sessions monthly - $80


Additional Services

Sugar Foot Scrub - Applied on the feet with warm organic coconut oil, followed by an all natural organic sugar scrub, steamed towels, followed by an all natural organic shea butter massaged with fine pressure to soften the feet and an overall relaxing experience - $10


Deep Heat Muscle Therapy - Applied on your back, or arms with a deep muscle therapy ointment, steamed toils, ending with Biofreeze, and some extra circulating massage techniques to help out those muscles that need some extra attention - $10


Hot Stones - Smooth, flat, heated rocks that are placed at key points of the body, and massaged in fine techniques with coconut oil on two of the following areas- back, calves, feet, & hands - $10                                                


Reflexology - Reflexology is a great preventative health treatment that encourages the release of toxins, improves circulation and nerve supply and unblocks stagnant Qi, which is the lifeforce energy on which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based. Applying pressure to points in the feet have a synergistic effect to corresponding organs and other parts of the body - $7