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All facials include neck, shoulders, and scalp massage.

Signature Spa Facials

Stillwater Spa Facial

A relaxing therapeutic facial with gentle exfoliation suitable for all skin types.

**All facials include neck, shoulder and scalp massage **

60 minutes - $90

75 minutes - $110

90 minutes-$150

* 90 minute includes mini back and foot  spa treatment

Diamond Glow*

(Dermalinfusion Microdermabrasion)

Stillwater Spa's newest treatment! The 3-in-1 advanced Dermalinfusion technology simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses serums for radiant and rejuvenated skin. Dermalinfusion is the only face and body skin-resurfacing treatment to gently yet effectively exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver serum infusion to treat a variety of skin concerns. The SkinMedica serums and diamond tips are all customizable. Even clients with Rosacea can benefit from this service.

HydroJelly or Collagen  Mask Included!

75 minutes - $170

Add dermaplaning for better product penetration and vellus hair removal.

90 minutes -$185

Spa Treatment Facials


Relaxing & Skin Concern Specific! 

Dry, Dehydrated, Aging, Fine Lines, Rosacea, Pigmentated, Oily, Breakouts  

75 minutes - $125

  • Dermaplaning (Dry, Aging)

  • Destination Hydration (Dry)

  • Time Rewind with CBD (Aging)

  • Better then Botox (Aging)

  • Oxygen tx (Acne & Rosacea)

  • Detox (Oily and Congestion)

  • Vitamin-C Brightening (Pigmentation)

  • Berry Mimosa Brightening (Pigmentation)


Luxury Additions

Exfoliation Sugar Scrub, Warm Towels, and Body Butter Massage (you keep the brush) -$30

Spa Foot Treatment

Warm towels, Exfoliation Sugar Scrub, followed by a Body Butter or oil foot Massage - $30

Mini Back Treatment with Dry Brushing

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Natalie Lytle

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